DRY Steam machine.

Disinfect & clean in 1 action.

Only water. No chemicals.

How does it work?

A very small and light machine (only 3 KG).


It transforms water to very high temperature steam, which contains almost no liquid water molecules (droplets), but only water molecules in gaseous state (dry vapor).


This high temperature Dry Vapor has very strong cleaning and disinfection power.

At high temperature, steam becomes a powerful surfactant : it releases dirt, fat, bacteria, and germs from the surfaces, by breaking down the bonds between the dirt and the surface.

And at 120°c it adds a very strong disinfection power : it kills 99% of germs, bacteria and viruses.


All in a natural way, using only water.

Powerful disinfection

  • DRY Steam of 120°C at the sprayer
  • this high temperature rapidly kills a wide range of pathogens 
  • DRY steam has the properties of a gas, which makes it very appropriate in penetrating small spaces

Triple action disinfection :

  • removes viruses, bacteria and dirt from the surface
  • high temperature kills viruses, bacteria, mold, ... 
  • chemicals always leave a chemical residue (greasy) on the surface. This biofilm attracts again dirt and germs. The DRY steam removes this greasy film. So surfaces remain clean and germ free for much longer. You can feel it yourself : DRY steam cleaned surfaces are never sticky.


The steam is DRY

  • at the tip of the sprayer, the steam is 120°c
  • this is low moisture, superheated steam, with only 5-7% humidity
  • this vapor does not contain water droplets, but only water molecules in a gaseous state = DRY vapor
  • so you can use it on all surfaces : upholstery, sofas, carpet, curtains, marble, wood, leather, ...
  • it leaves the area dry, and ready for immediate use
  • it will not increase humidity in the room (regular steam machines basically spray very hot water, which increases humidity, which can encourage mold)

Save money

  • no more need to source, BUY, store and handle chemicals
  • clean and DISINFECT with tap water instead of expensive chemicals
  • no need for protective gear for staff

Save time

  • clean AND disinfect in 1 simple action
  • no more need to apply chemicals, wait for them to act, rinse with water and dry  

Safe to use

  • no allergies, no asthma, no side effects
  • safe for staff and guests
  • safe for all materials (chrome, marble, wood, leather,...)
  • no risk of wrong application on materials
  • safe for all areas, including kitchen (food)
  • better indoor air quality (no use of chemicals)
  • safe for the environment, in line with your green policy

Use everywhere

  • small and light machine, not noisy
  • use in guestrooms, public areas, spa, gym, kitchen, outdoor, ...
  • can be used on all materials : upholstery, sofas, curtains, wood, mattress, bathroom,....


  • Le Crillon Paris, Hyatt Paris, Eurodisney, Mandarin Oriental London & Marrakech, Rosewood Hotels, ...
  • Sofitel, Hilton, Four Seasons, Park Hyatt, Ritz-Carlton.

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