"My grouting is like new! With minimal cost!"


"No toothbrush needed anymore to clean carved decorations. This is so easy and fast!"


"No more sore muscles for my staff from manual scrubbing."


Various HK Managers in UAE

What is the solution?

Dry-Steam Machine


Very small and light machine.

It generates steam of 120°c, which is almost dry.


Therefore, it can be used on (almost) all surfaces : curtains, fabrics, mattresses, leather, wood, marble, ...


Uses 1L tap water only, no chemicals!

Very strong cleaning and desinfection power! 

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How does it work ?

Steam cleaning


High-temperature steam will quickly dissolve any dirt, without any effort or chemical.


After this, the high quality microfibers (delivered with the machine) will absorb and remove the dirt.

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Cleaner, faster!



Sanitizes : kills and removes 99% of germs and bacteria.

Kills allergenes s.a. dust mites and bedbugs.


High-temperature steam kills mold spores!


No more mess and spilling with buckets of water.

No more need for manual scrubbing.


Cleans difficult to reach areas & carved decorations fast.


Save on chemicals, use only 1L of tap water!

Restore materials & grouting, fast and at minimal cost.

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Where to use?

Use it anywhere!


Grouting, bathrooms, curtains, mattresses, wood panelling, mirrors, windows, spa, gym, kitchen, drain pipes, indoor and outdoor furniture..


They use it already!


Le Crillon Paris, Hyatt Paris, Eurodisney, Mandarin Oriental London, Rosewood Hotels, Rixos, Atlantis, Sofitel, ...

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