Anti Bacterial Sachet

Place in your AC vent.

Kill all airborne bacteria and viruses.

Pure tea-tree oil. All natural.



What is tea-tree oil?


Tea-tree is an essential oil that is extracted from a plant, native to Australia.


 Since a long time, tea-tree oil is very well known to kill :

- viruses

- bacteria

- mold spores

How does it work ?

Our high-quality sachets are filled with a highly concentrated gel of pure tea-tree oil.


90% active ingredient load for highest prevention of mold build-up, and for killing airborne bacteria!


The oil is not heated during production, so it retains 100% of its quality.


When in contact with airflow, the active ingredients spread naturally.

They will kill any airborne bacteria, viruses and mold spores.

How to apply the sachets ?


Just slide the sachets into the AC vent!

No need for tools, no need to remove the vent.

Our sachets are compatible with all AC vents.




What is the result?

Tests done in labs show : 

a bacteria count reduction in airborne bacteria of 92%,  after two weeks of application!

To order : 

Call : 050 726 20 24

Whatsapp : 052 680 43 30

Product Benefits

NO Drilling in Walls

NO Liquids

NO Harsh chemicals

NO Corrosion

NO Fire Hazard

NO Allergies

NO Service Cost 

NO Spillage

NO Mist, NO Spray

Eco-Label Certified


Natural Ingredients



No solvents 

No propellants 

No alcohol