"It eliminates the smoke smell very fast.

It's a great solution!"

Ms. Anna, Executive Housekeeper

How does it work ?

Anti-smoke sachets 

Our high-quality sachets are filled with a natural anti-smoke solution.

When in contact with airflow, the active ingredients convert the malodorous molecules into a neutral scent.


Completely natural!

No pump, no spray, no mist. No ozone.

No harmful VOC's! No PMI 2.5 particles!

Use the sachets in

Fragrance machine


Very effective for quick turnaround of guest rooms with smoke smell.

Small and light, easy to carry around.


Fast and very easy - just plug in!


No liquids, no spilling, no mess!

Use the sachets in

AC Vents


Just slide in!

No need for tools, no need to remove the vent.


Invisible and very effective, for corridors and guestrooms.


Product Benefits

NO Drilling in Walls

NO Liquids

NO Harsh chemicals

NO Corrosion

NO Fire Hazard

NO Allergies

NO Service Cost 

NO Spillage

NO Mist, NO Spray

Eco-Label Certified


Natural Ingredients



No solvents 

No propellants 

No alcohol

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